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Welcome to the HSCIC Health Surveys Programme Network.

This forum is designed to inform and update all interested parties on the HSCIC’s current programme of health surveys.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre is England's central, authoritative source of health and social care information. We work with our customers and suppliers to provide information to support decision making and develop products to widen patient choice and improve infrastructure.

The Survey Team commission and manage contracts with external bodies to undertake a programme of household and individual based surveys on behalf of the Health and Social Care Community.

Annual surveys within the current programme include the Health Survey for England (HSE) to be known as Health Survey for England: Health, Social Care and Lifestyles from survey year 2011 and the Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use in Young People (SDD) Survey. Other periodic surveys in the pipeline are the Children’s Dental Health Survey (CDHS) 2013, the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS) 2014 and What About Youth? (WAY) 2014. All surveys in the programme conform to the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, which sets out how principles such as meeting using needs, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, quality and accessibility should be realised.

If you are interested in the content of one of our surveys, commissioning questions or modules, funding a boost survey or funding the commissioning of your own survey the following website should be of interest to you

Membership of the HSCIC's Health Surveys Programme Network is open to all interested parties, if you know of others who would like to receive regular updates on the HSCIC Survey Programme, please ask them to get in touch ( and we will add them to our mailing list.


 News and Updates

SDD Consultation.docSDD Consultation
Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey.docxAdult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey
APMS 2014-Options for Additional Topic Reports.docAPMS 2014-Options for Additional Topic Reports
Bloodbank Information Pack.docxBloodbank Information Pack
Health Survey for England - Use of HSE in Policy Making and Monitoring.docHealth Survey for England - Use of HSE in Policy Making and Monitoring
HSE Bloodbank Applications.docHSE Bloodbank Applications
HSE - How to Sponsor Questions.docxHSE - How to Sponsor Questions
Children's Dental Health Survey.docChildren's Dental Health Survey
Future funding of the HSCICs survey programme.docFuture funding of the HSCICs survey programme
What About Youth.docxWhat About Youth
Survey Programme Advisory Group.docSurvey Programme Advisory Group
European Health Interview Survey.docEuropean Health Interview Survey
Historic Surveys Currently not Commissioned.docHistoric Surveys Currently not Commissioned