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Data Standards Assurance Service: Current work

Please see below for a list of all of the proposal currently undergoing assurance, presented alphabetically by standard name. Please click on the relevant 'Information' link in the final column to find out more information about the proposal.

You can filter the list by clicking on the title of each column (e.g. DCB number) and clicking on one of the options presented in the drop-down menu.

If you have any queries about any of the items listed in the Directory please contact us at

DCB1605Accessible InformationStandardChangeInformation
DCB2050Aggregate Contract MonitoringStandard and a CollectionNewInformation
SCCI0108-2025AIDC: Unique Device Identifiers for Implanted DevicesStandardChangeInformation
SCCI2174Breast Screening Radiographic Workforce SurveyCollectionNewInformation
SCCI2196British Society of Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) AuditCollectionNewInformation
DCB1521Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset Standard and a CollectionChangeInformation
DCB2116Cancer Patient Experience SurveyCollectionChangeInformation
DCB2195Childhood Influenza Vaccination Programme (Primary Age)CollectionChange
SCCI2195Childhood Seasonal Influenza Vaccination ProgrammeExtractionChange
DCB3001Community Pharmacy Workforce SurveyCollectionNew
DCB0089Cover of Vaccination Evaluated Rapidly (COVER) ReturnStandard and a CollectionChangeInformation
DCB2108Database for the National Latent Tuberculosis Screening Programme in New Migrants from High-incidence CountriesCollectionChange
SCCI2210De-Identification Data ItemsStandardNewInformation
DCB3002Devices Minimum Data Set Standard and a CollectionNewInformation
DCB3009Digital Child HealthStandardNewInformation
DCB1582Electronic Yellow Card ReportingStandardChangeInformation
DCB2026Female Genital Mutilation Enhanced Dataset  Standard and a CollectionChange
DCB2112FGM Risk Indication System (FGM RIS) – Local System IntegrationStandardChangeInformation
DCB2054Friends and Family TestCollectionNewInformation
DCB2090-3010General Medical Services (GMS)/ Personal Medical Services (PMS) Core Contract Data CollectionExtractionNew
DCB0139Genitourinary Medicine Clinic Activity DatasetStandard and a CollectionChangeInformation
DCB2090-3012Genomics England – GPES LinkingExtractionNew
DCB2236GP Workload ToolStandardChange
SCCI2090-2222GPES: NHS Health ChecksExtractionNewInformation
SCCI2226Health Impact Analysis of the Troubled Families InitiativeCollectionNewInformation
SCCI1572High risk items for re-identification (formerly Sensitive Data)StandardChangeInformation
DCB0086Information Governance ToolkitStandardChange
DCB3006Innovation and Technology Tariff Minimum Data SetStandard and a CollectionNewInformation
DCB3014Learning Disability Transformation IndicatorsCollectionNew
DCB2090-3011Measurement of physical health checks for people with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) in primary care ExtractionNew
DCB0011Mental Health Services Data SetStandard and a CollectionChangeInformation
DCB2090-3013Monthly Extract of Patients Who Have Had a Recent GP AppointmentExtractionNew
SCCI0147National Cancer Waiting Times Monitoring Data SetStandard and a CollectionChangeInformation
DCB2235-01National Diabetes Audit Data SetStandard and a CollectionChange
SCCI0107National Drug Treatment Monitoring System Data SetStandard and a CollectionChangeInformation
SCCI2042  National Immunoglobulin DatabaseCollectionChangeInformation
DCB1067National Workforce Data SetStandardChangeInformation
SCCI2228NHS 111 Minimum Data SetCollectionNewInformation
SCCI2212NHS England Drugs Minimum Data SetCollectionNewInformation
DCB3008NHS Postcode Directory StandardNewInformation
SCCI0155NHS Stop Smoking Service Quarterly Monitoring ReturnCollectionNewInformation
SCCI2230NHS WiFi CensusCollectionNewInformation
DCB3003Patient Level Data Standard and a CollectionNewInformation
DCB2123Patient Level Information and Costing Systems (PLICS)Standard and a CollectionNew
SCCI2153Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey, England CollectionNewInformation
DCB3007Programme BudgetingCollectionNewInformation
SCCI2229QOF Pilot 11ExtractionNewInformation
DCB2238QRISK2 Manual Claims data collectionCollectionNewInformation
SCCI2155Registers of people who are blind or partially sighted: SSDA902CollectionNewInformation
SCCI1518Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity DatasetStandard and a CollectionChangeInformation
SCCI2094Sexual Orientation Monitoring StandardNewInformation
SCCI2124Speech and Language Therapy Outcomes Data SetStandardNewInformation
SCCI2219Supporting Personal Health Budget (PHB) Holders and Personal Assistants ResearchCollectionNewInformation
DCB0134Surveillance of Healthcare Associated InfectionsStandardChangeInformation
SCCI2218Survey Questionnaire for CCGs: Services for people with a learning disabilityCollectionNewInformation
SCCI2033UK Assisted Reproductive Treatments (ART) Data SetStandard and a CollectionNewInformation
DCB2043UK Severe Influenza Surveillance System (USISS)CollectionChange
DCB3000Winter Review QuestionnaireCollectionNewInformation